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Task Tracking Dashboard

The success of an idea lies in it is execution. Our product helps you break down the execution into simple tasks which can be allocated easily to your teams. Our dashboard has witnessed over 20000 tasks and 2500 users in a short span of 4 years.

Hotel/Restaurant Management Tool

Managing a restaurant is very difficult in terms of people and inventory management. Our software helps a restaurant owner to manage the nessesary aspects in handling a restaurant which includes- Menu Management System, Food Stock Management system etc. This software can easily manage small or mid-size to a large restaurant.

Leave Management System

An organisation’s success depends on how efficiently its employees manage and deliver their work to their end customer. This software helps you evaluating the efficiency of an employee by providing various tools like – Leave tracking module, Module for working hours etc. Once you install this in your organisation, you will see a gradual increment in employees’ efficiency.

Dashboard for Public Domain

An application for Public domain, wherein users appearing in public platforms like parks, railway stations, airports etc. If the user sees any non-working public services like public toilets, improper drinking facilities can click picture and can share images with live GPS tracked location through the mobile application, the images will reach the concern department for further action.

Alumni Portal

Great organisation never forgets their ex-employees! We have developed a dashboard for the ex- employees, in which the organisation can get in touch with their ex- employees, plan alumni meets, organise various online events and various other features.

IRCTC - Rail Ticketing System

The train ticketing software is an easy-to-use self-service system which enables the customer to buy train tickets online. After the ticket buying process is successfully done, the customer can get the train ticket by printing the train ticket.


PO Box Trust was founded with the belief of trustees to give back to society. It gives greater focus to child education & art among other pressing societal issues of our time.

Rail Connect APP

The IRCTC Rail Connect app can be used to book or cancel train tickets, air tickets, order meals and browse through the IRCTC tourism catalog. The application is much more precise and easy to use now. It has been re-designed for a better user experience and quick booking process.

Rail Drishti

Rail Drishti is an attempt to bring information from myriad sources under a single window to digitally view, analyze and monitor the key parameters of Indian Railways with an aim to meet the objectives of transparency and accountability. The dashboard enables every citizen of the country to know major statistics of Indian Railways transparently as well as provides a platform to avail the services offered on various digital platforms developed by the Railways for its customers. In all, it is a new leap forward towards “Digital India, Digital Railways”

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